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In the complex world of cybersecurity, staying one step ahead of potential threats is crucial.

Introducing Excalibur Shield, our cutting-edge internal cyber fraud threat intelligence solution designed to protect your organization from within.

About Excalibur Shield


  • Automated Cyber Breach Detection

Excalibur Shield leverages advanced behavioural analytics and anomaly detection to identify and respond to potential breaches swiftly. By continuously monitoring user behavior, our solution detects unusual activities that could indicate a cyber threat. 

  • Cyber Audit and Policy Enforcement

Maintaining a robust cybersecurity posture involves regular audits and strict policy enforcement. Excalibur Shield automates these processes, ensuring compliance with your organization’s security protocols. For instance, it can automatically enforce password policies, monitor for unauthorized software installations, and verify that all endpoints adhere to your cybersecurity standards.

  • Behavioural Analytics & Anomaly Detection

Excalibur Shield provides a holistic view of your internal cyber environment, continuously gathering and analyzing data to offer actionable insights. By identifying patterns and trends in user behaviour, it helps preempt potential threats. Imagine detecting an insider threat where an employee plans to exfiltrate confidential data. Excalibur Shield’s proactive monitoring can prevent such incidents by identifying suspicious behaviour early on.

Secure Your Organization with Excalibur Shield

In a world where internal threats are increasingly sophisticated, Excalibur Shield provides the robust defense your organization needs. By combining automated breach detection with comprehensive cyber audits and policy enforcement, Excalibur Shield ensures your internal environment remains secure and compliant. 


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